What is Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade?

Sphere is Ohio’s first dedicated Virtual Reality Arcade where you can find the best cutting edge VR experiences the world has to offer. We believe VR will fundamentally change the way people learn, interact and have fun. It’s our goal to make virtual reality affordable and available to everyone. 

What Happens at Sphere?

When you walk into Sphere we want you to feel at home. Our HTC Vive lounge has couches, tables and chairs so you can relax and watch on 42 inch monitors as players explore new worlds, dodge bullets or play one of our fast paced cardio games. We have 22 games in total and expand our library every month. When you rent a station you have access to our complete library and can change games at any time. Our friendly staff is there at every step of the way to make sure your VR experience is mind blowing.

How do I get Started?

To get started you’re going to want to book a station. Renting a station is kind of like renting a lane at the bowling alley. Up to 4 people can split time at a station but only one person can play at a time.

If you’d like to play multiplayer games or have more than one person playing at a time you’ll need to rent multiple stations. We also strongly recommend reservations. To make a reservation

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Reawaken your imagination and stretch what you thought was

possible. Step into the Sphere and find out what everyone’s talking about

Sphere Virtual Reality Arcade.


Virtual Reality gives us the ability to be transported into new

worlds, as heroes, as villains, as anything this new frontier has to

offer. Do you want to fight as a futuristic warrior, or maybe you

would like to be immersed in the feeling of music, you can be

anything. The possibilities are endless.

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